Starting to explore…..

It’s been awhile since I updated this blog.  Probably because I spend most of my time strapping on my walking boot, wrestling myself out of it and into a shoe to drive somewhere, putting it on again at destination, and repeat… alot. The velcro is losing its mojo.  Hopefully it will all be worth it.  Hope to be out of it by Thanksgiving.  That’s a lot of hope.

So moving is always an uphill climb and making your 14th run to Bed Bath and Beyond is a bit of a drag even without the boot challenge. I needed a diversion. In an effort to get to know Denver, I was curious about the brewery scene.  Asheville is overflowing with beer with a microbrewery for every mood.  I miss the Wedge, Catawba, Hi-Wire, Wicked Weed, etc.  A little research into Denver breweries left me overwhelmed.  Even I don’t have that many moods – check out the map on the Denver Brewery website:

Denver brewery guide

Okay so I will not be working my way through the Denver breweries – my liver would never survive.  Still we had to explore a bit and we started at the obvious place – the little microbrewery right by Zoe and Wallace’s doggie daycare.  Obvious cuz it was 5:30 on a Friday and I had to pick them up by 6:00.  Given the randomness of our selection, we wandered into Banded Oak Brewery with fairly low expectations.  Great surprise – it was fantastic!  Friday afternoon was the time to go – sweet combo playing outside and people streaming in from all sides. img_1172

The barrel-aged beer was excellent – I love a good IPA and their American IPA was awesome.  If I closed my eyes, I would have sworn it was Iron Rail.


Since choosing beer as your comfort food is bad for obvious reasons, I pivoted to another option – albeit one that is equally unkind to my waistline.  Donuts.  Not just any donuts – I felt all 12 of my blog followers were clamoring for info on Denver’s offerings in the craft donut arena (or is it artisanal donuts?).  Asheville has some pretty impressive offerings – led by my personal favorite, Hole Doughnuts.  Ok, they are everybody’s favorites – even crowned by Bon Appetit as Dessert of the Year.  It’s pretty high bar and I felt it my duty to see how Denver measured up.


First stop – Voodoo Donuts. With origins in Portland, Voodoo has a crazy vibe and a wide variety of donuts. You gotta love a spot started by a guy named Cat Daddy.


So far though, I have a new personal favorite – The Fractured Prune. Quite the name, huh?  What does that have to do with donuts?  Not much really.  Turns out Prune was Prunella, an elderly lady who kept fracturing bones while playing sports as she was “older and somewhat brittle”.  As I hobbled in with my Franken-boot, I felt an immediate affinity for the old Fractured Prune.  That and it smelled wonderful.  You pick your glaze and they make them to order.  It is a franchise though so not quite a local find.


But lots of bacon was involved so I feel sure the offspring will want to test it out.


A little more research led me to the horrifying realization that, while not as big as the brewery scene, the craft donut world in Denver is substantial.  Given my inability to walk, spin, play tennis or generally exercise other than sad YouTube videos for the injured, I seriously need to reconsider this path.  But not before I try Glazed and Confused, Habit Carbon and Omg Donuts.  I am doing it for you……. all 12 of you.

5 thoughts on “Starting to explore…..”

    1. I laughed. At you guys.

      I am off the craft beer as you know…I can’t do the hoppy anymore. The donuts sound amazing. There are a few places around Vancouver that make some crazy/crafty donuts. There’s also a “craft” ice cream place which is an awesome trend too.

  1. You have really stepped up your picture game and integrating them into the blog.

    Well done on the “research” as well….it can be overwhelming, but necessary for when visitors show up!

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