City Dogs

By far the biggest adjustment in our move has been living with 2 dogs in an apartment. The last time I lived in an apartment was my first year of law school at lovely Duke Manor, renown only for the incredibly cheap rent and corresponding level of amenities.

We areDaily Routine in a really nice corporate apartment while we search for a more permanent dwelling, but the level of finish hasn’t softened the culture shock to both the dogs and us.  No longer able to just open the door and let them in and out at will, now we must become somewhat presentable to the world (me), leash up (them), march to the elevator (all of us), descend 7 floors and then go outside  for some variation of a walk (length totally dependent on the weather and my caffeine intake).  This happens about 5 times a day.

Cherry Creek Trail For a good walk, we get on Cherry Creek Trail right across the street. Cherry Creek Trail is an awesome 40 mile long bike/walking trail through Denver (Denver boasts over 85 miles of paved trails).

I’ve learned it is also called the Denver Bike Highway and walking it with dogs can be dicey.  Some cyclists are ambling along enjoying the day – but given the speed of most, the majority must be late to work or responding to some emergency.  (I need a louder “on your left” or more bike bells, people.) We walked it last Saturday to the Farmers Market in the parking lot of Cherry Creek Mall.  Who knew there was such as thing as breakfast pierogis?

img_1139    Cherry Creek Trail

Another adjustment has been the addition of doggie daycare to our lives.  A day spent romping with other dogs under the supervision of folks who clearly love them is the perfect antidote to the confines of apartment dwelling.  Having said that, Zoe was somewhat resistant the morning of her first day.  I used to think it was cute when she whined/cried, but now I just feel guilt.  Thankfully she loves it now.

Zoe at doggie daycare
First Day at Doggie Daycare

I’ll leave you with some photos taken this morning after a storm came through last night.  It’s still not really cold here so just rain in Denver, but the mountains tell a different story – getting closer to ski time!

First Snow

First Snow!

Moving to Denver

Life certainly can be unpredictable.  Just a few weeks ago, I would have thought Asheville, North Carolina would be my home forever more.  Not so fast on the “forever more.”  Due to a series of unanticipated events, my husband and I are moving to Denver.  It’s a good move, a happy move – but a large part of my heart will remain in Asheville.  In fact I plan to be back regularly so this blog should actually be about moving to Denver, but clinging to Asheville.  It’s all good – I love mountains and now will have time in both the Rockies and the Southern Appalachians.  This blog will cover everything from hiking with our two crazy dogs to my obsession with restaurants, coffee shops, and bookstores to visiting mountain towns and ski slopes to adjusting to life in Mountain Time Zone (hurrah for college football starting at 10:00 am on Saturdays!) to exploring the Front Range.  For those of you who, like me, didn’t know – Denver is in an area called the Front Range.  As far I can tell, the Front Range is the area where the Great Plains meet the Rockies.  All sounds very western, huh?

For now, I’ll end with a photo I took last fall while hiking off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Goodbye to Asheville! (heavy sigh)

Blue Ridge Mountains